Introduction Exposure to sun combined with moisture stains decks over time. The resulting appearance is an unpleasing shade of grey. Additionally, natural aberrations, markings and splits due to aging imply you have every reason to learn how to remove deck stains. Fortunately, using the following steps you can easily transform your stained deck into an attractive one. Some of the shops have the best wood deck stain removers in the market that can get the job done easily.


Steps to remove decks stains fast

Clean the deck Before working on the paint, dust and sweep your deck thoroughly to eliminate any type of debris or dirt. If there are any crack of the boards pay special attention when cleaning. Inspect the edges of the boards closely for any obvious sign of damage. If there are extensive impairments consider repairing or even replacing the sections before you remove deck stains.

Scrape off old paint Use a deck stripper to peel off as much of the old deck stain as possible. Use a top quality purpose for better results. A high-quality stripper will only break up thus softening old stains allowing you to wash it away. If the stripper you are using does not remove stained paint, grit the section out to reveal the bare wood below.

Sanding When using sandpaper start with one with coarse grains and slowly work up to the finest grit. As you sand, reset any screws and nails that protrude from the surface. Once you finish sanding Clean and wipe your deck thoroughly to eliminate the fine wood chippings.

Use Chemical stripper Apply a generous amount of chemical deck stripper on the affected surface. The chemical basically relaxes the stain so it can be washed away with a lot of ease. After applying a coat of the chemical, leave it for between 15 to 20 minutes.


Finally, use a pressure washer or garden hose to rinse the wood surface. Cover 20-30 square feet at a time. Keep the wood wet till the paint is soft enough to scrub off with a stiff brush. Finally, use a pressure washer or garden hose to rinse the wood surface.  Brighten the Wood The above process not only leaves the wood dark but also raises its pH level.

So, you need a wood brightener to increase acidity and brighten it back to its natural state. The solution, therefore, restores the appearance, increases its attractiveness and gives your deck a chance to last as long as possible.  Drying If you are planning to paint your deck it is important to make sure it is adequately dry before you do so. Note though that wood can feel dry when you touch yet it is still moist; such a surface is not conducive for a new coat. Use a moisture meter to determine if the deck is sufficiently dry and hence ready for repainting.

Apply a new Stain

Use a natural bristle brush when applying oil-based paint and a nylon one for water-based stains. A long handheld roller comes in handy when evenly spreading the paint.  Conclusion Make sure you wear appropriate protective clothing to avoid eye and skin irritation. The chemicals present in the cleaners and stains can cause allergenic reactions. Maintain the attractive look by dusting and cleaning your transformed deck on a regular basis.

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