The entire process surrounding construction is an incredibly big project and takes a very long time to get completed.

Once the idea of building something comes up, it is followed by the design of the building, which are followed by plans being drawn up, by experts, as well as building developers and construction companies waiting for permission from authorities to set up their construction site, which without the go-ahead, cannot be continued otherwise.

It is a good thing, as the setup of a construction site shouldn’t be rushed. Any decisions to be made must also be made by the designated construction manager, who arranges for all the preparation and tasks that need to be completed on the construction site. He/she will oversee giving orders to either the in-house staff of his own company or arrange for a construction company.

Construction Set-Up Materials

Upon setting up a construction site, just like a good recipe, you need to have all your materials and tools ready and in one setting, before you can start with a project.

Construction sites typically need concrete, skips, boards, fencing material, health and safety signs and precautions set in place, construction trailers, hand tools and, heavy plant equipment, if a building or trees needs to be removed.


Setting Up a Construction Site

Before setting up the construction site, the construction team must first seek utility amenities on the site, which generally includes electricity, water, as well as phone lines. It will also give them a better idea of how they should continue building whatever needs to be built on the site.

They also must determine the boundaries of fencing, which they can do by following the blueprints for the site, which they are given by engineers or architects. The next step would be to arrange for phone lines to be installed, as uninterrupted construction management merely depends on faxes, which is how construction workers receive updated plans, contracts and any information relevant to the project they’re working on.

After the telephone lines are installed, fences must be set up, as well as boards, which will help indicate the drawings drawn up by the architect. Company posters should also be added outside of the fence, along with a company name and its details.

Health and safety signs should be added to the fence, which includes signs that indicate “Construction Work in Progress”, “All Visitors Should Report to the Site Office”, and any other sign that has relevance to the site. Inside the fence should be safety regulation signs, to indicate emergencies and remind construction workers to be careful.

Other than that, soil tests must be carried out on different locations on-site and sent to a lab technician, to check for contamination or any relevant problems that may occur when mixed with concrete.

Buildings and any vegetation must also be demolished, for the construction team to be able to start building and add that first layer of concrete to the ground.

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