Architects are individuals that focus their expertise on the design of commercial structures. Their responsibilities, however, isn’t confirmed to just this one aspect of creation. They are also very involved in the creation of the style of buildings, as well as the structure that supports every aspect of it, to ensure its safety, as well as its sustainability.

They create buildings with the goal in mind, to ensure it meets all the necessary needs of its occupants, along with the requirements thereof. It should thus also meet the requirements of federal and state regulators. These individuals can work for both private clients or governmental agencies.

Architects Have a Passion for Customer Service and Perfection

For an architect, if his/ her client isn’t satisfied with the end-product, then the building/structure is not done. That is why architects work very closely with their clients, all to meet the objectives, specific requirements and remain within the budget range of their project.

They also spend a lot of their time working with other professionals, who carry out their project according to the plans they present. These individuals include all the engineers, landscape architects, urban planners, construction representatives, as well as interior designers.

Even though there are a lot of people involved in one single project, architects are the ones who must deal one-on-one with the customers, to ensure they know what they want, as well as whether they’re happy with the plans that will carry out the entire project.

Architects are also responsible for the plumbing, communication, electrical, heating, ventilation and the implementation of any structural systems.


The Expertise of Architecture

Architects require a lot of expertise to be able to plan an entire building or project all by themselves. They must have the necessary knowledge and logic of designing and building a structure that will be able to remain strong and sustainable for many years to come.

They require a lot of knowledge and the ability to do enough research, to create the appropriate project plan.

They must be able to follow building codes, zoning laws, city ordinances, as well as fire regulations, all before finalising their plans. Whenever they create a public building, they must also be aware of any disabled access laws, as they tend to change on a regular basis.

They must also be up to date with any zoning or regulation adjustments and be up to date about the latest energy-efficient products and building styles.

In some cases, apart from already obtaining their five-year bachelor’s degree architects are permitted to take regular courses and exams after that, to ensure they stay up to date and relevant with any changes or adjustments made to laws and regulation, as well as the entire industry of architecture.


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